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Make your contribution today and join a world versed intellectual team of peace builders and humanitarian activists serving the world with peace, love and light.
Poverty. Conflict. Disaster. Right now, children and families in some of the world’s toughest places need you!
With your help, Peace Mission helping the families to survive, overcome adversity and transform their communities into sphere of influences through Ambassadors, Diplomats and Members.
From providing lifesaving water, and emergency supplies to Syrian refugees, to improve quality education and literacy rates around the world and to sending girls to school, it’s supporters like you who help save and improve people’s lives every single day. Donate today to make a difference for families now and for years to come.


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Renew your membership today, and show your commitment to making financial contribution (in term of membership fee) to global peace revivification and to equality and for staying part of Peace Mission.

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Supporters like you are critical to providing lifesaving relief and new opportunities to those in need. You can reach out and mobilize your community to help even more. Every single dollar raised can make a huge difference for families facing war, natural disaster and other crises around the world.
It's easy to help! Join in our mission of saving and improving lives in the world's toughest places.
To start a fundraising campaign, follow the following actions,
1.    Choose your cause,  or select the one cause of Peace Mission
2.    Get the guidance and appropriate information on chosen, or selected cause from Peace Mission Head Quarters
3.    Ask your community how they can participate and help to make a difference.
4.    Launch fundraising campaign, and get your word out!


Donate an Ambulance! 

One of the more common development initiatives that Peace Mission undertakes is the donation of ambulances to Hospitals, or Local Government Bodies responsible for health care into sphere of influences, where the need is highest!
Single Ambulance can be helpful to save lives of hundreds who are in risk around, highly inspiring gift for serving the humanity that works for above 15 years.
Donate us today an Ambulance, or donate us fund for purchasing an Ambulance to save lives in emergency situations.

Donate a School!

Children in impoverished communities around struggle to study in makeshift classrooms, rundown buildings, or in the open air. The result? Poor lesson quality, mediocre grades, and high dropout rates.

Your gift to construct a school and/or renovate existing schools will help provide a safe learning environment that can benefit hundreds or even thousands of children for years to come — and ultimately build a stronger community.

Peace Mission accepts special donations of an individual, corporate or organization to establish a school on name of donor, with permanent acknowledgements!

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