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Host an Event!

Welcome to the Peace Mission Head Quarters Rawalakot

Experience panoramic views of the Pearl Valley and breath-taking picnic spots nearer to Peace Mission Head Quarters, Peace Mission. The Pearl Valley have the valued hotels equipped with highly modernized conference halls, meeting rooms.
The Peace Mission offers an unparalleled setting for your next Corporate, Non-Profit or Government event.
Because we have a limited network of staff, counselors, and members available speak at events, we set a priority on opportunities that introduce us to new supporters. We do our best to accommodate requests. The sooner you contact us and the more information you provide on honoraria, audience, and other context for your event, the more likely we will be able to help.

To request that a representative of Peace Mission participate in your event, please mention it in your request for hosting an event with representative of Peace Mission.

The Peace Mission may conduct and organize the your Event, of your choice, like Book Launching Ceremony, Your Introductory, Your Work Acknowledgement, and Events on Human Rights and Peace, or causes of Peace Mission on your behalf, to spread your words of wisdom, expertise and experiences in Peace Mission sphere of influences.
Beside to this, Peace Mission is excited to arrange your lectures on valued United Nations addressed topics in Schools, Colleges and Universities of sphere of influence for your noble input to strengthen the Peace Mission and United Nations humanitarian missions. The events and lectures where, the you may participate through the remote applications, like telephonic talks, cyber and multimedia talks.

For more information, contacts us today!