Peace Mission is an International non-profit organization, with Head Quarters based in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. The Management of Peace Mission comprises of an International Advisory Council, the Executive Management and Members Distinction composed of versed intellectuals from very walks of life, from around the globe. The whole management have stronger believe in that the peaceful, progressive and prosperous individuals can act as foundation of peaceful, progressive and prosperous human societies. Since 2010, the Peace Mission starts the efforts to revive global peace and struggles to provide the peace, love and light to individuals around the world, and to promote it within human societies regardless of race, nationality, and beliefs.

The Management of Peace Mission sincerely strives harder to support and promote the culture of peace and humanitarian dignity into their authorized sphere of influences, under direction and light of Constitution Peace Mission and Humanitarian Missions of United Nations.

Commitments and Core Values

  • The Management strongly gives priority to people before anything else, structure, systems, and other institutional machinery.
  • The Management is called to serve the people in greatest need around the world, to relieve their suffering and to promote the transformation of their condition of life.
  • The Management stands in solidarity in a common search for justice and seeks to understand the situation of the poor and work alongside them toward fullness of life.
  • The Management practices a participative, open, enabling style in working relationships, and encourages the professional, personal, and spiritual development of people.
  • The Management is responsive in a different sense where deep-seated and often complex economic and social deprivation calls for sustainable, long-term development and maintain the commitments necessary for this to occur.
  • The Management acts in ways that respect the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person — the poor, the donors, volunteers and their families, and celebrates the richness of diversity in human personality, culture, and contribution.
  • The Management is responsive to life-threatening emergencies where organization involvement is needed and appropriate. The Management is willing to take intelligent risks and act quickly on basis of foundation of experience and sensitivity to what the situation requires, and also recognizes that even in the midst of crisis, the destitute have a contribution to make from their experience.
  • The Management seeks to facilitate an engagement between the poor and the affluent that opens both to transformation, and respect the poor as active participants, not passive recipients, in this relationship. They are people from whom others may learn and receive, as well as give. The need for transformation is common to all, together sharing quest for justice, peace, reconciliation, and healing in a broken world.
  • The Management is responsive to new and unusual opportunities. We encourage innovation, creativity, and flexibility, and maintain an attitude of learning, reflection, and discovery in order to grow in understanding and skill.
  • The Management cares for humans and human societies and acts in ways that revive progression and prosperity of humans and human societies respectively.
  • The resources at disposal of Management are not their own. They are a sacred trust from donors on behalf of the poor. The Management is faithful to the purpose for which those resources are given and manage them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to the poor.
  • The Management speaks and acts honestly, and is open and factual in dealings with donor constituencies, project communities, governments, the public at large, and each other. The Management strives for consistency between “sayings” and “doings”.