A.      Eligibility for Membership

Any person having the following qualification shall be eligible to apply for the membership.

1.       The person should have the 18 years or above and shall have the National ID Card

2.       The person should have the reputed character, sound mind and notable intellectualism

3.        The person should agree to abide by the constitution and bylaws of the Mission

4.       The person should agree to support the aims, objectives and mission of the Peace Mission

5.       The person should agree to pay the prescribed fee of the Mission

Membership Categories and Maximum Fee Structure:

  • Patron, 10,000USD
  • Governor/ Country Director, 2500USD Annual
  • Ambassador of Peace, 1500USD Annual
  • Goodwill Ambassador, 1000USD Annual
  • Ambassador at Large, 2000USD Annual
  • Life Member, 5000USD
  • Observor, 2500USD Annual
  • Ordinary Member, 500USD Annual

B.      Procedure of Membership

1.       The person shall have to follow membership procedure properly. One may consult the Mission’s office for proper guidelines in this case.

2.       The person needs to find and fill the online membership form (available in related links) against the best suited membership category.

3.       The Membership Department shall process the filled membership application form under light of the Membership Policy of Mission.

4.       The Communication Department shall only notify the eligible person to submit the prescribed membership fee.

5.      The Membership Department shall release the soft copy of appointment certificate within the three days of Membership Fee submission.

6.       At final, Membership department shall release the Appointment documents within minimum of 30 days after the Fee submission.

7.       The Peace Mission shall release the appointment notification to working organs of mission for the purpose of to be copied and others.

C.   Procedure for Suspension, Cancellation & Resignation

Membership may be terminated on any one of the following grounds: -

  1. For non-payment of subscription up to 30 days after due date. The office of Accounts will inform the Secretary General to the case, and the Secretary General shall release the two notices with the time period of 15 days to the concerned person to recover the dues, in other cases the membership shall be ceased.

  2. Conduct being detrimental. If the conduct of any member is deemed by the Chairman to be prejudicial to the interest of the Mission or calculated to bring the Mission into disrepute. His membership can be suspended / cancelled / terminated according to the following procedure:

  3. He shall be given a notice of at least 15 days by the Chairman secretariat during which he shall submit a written explanation of his conduct

  4. In the event of explanation, being found unsatisfactory the Chairman Secretariat either may administer a warning or may ask the member to resign his membership from the Mission forthwith.

  5. In the event of the said member refusing to resign, when asked to do so, the Chairman shall exercise his powers for the termination of membership.

  6. For reasons to be recorded in writing the Chairman secretariat may suspend forthwith the membership of a defaulting member maximum for a period of three months, during which, Chairman shall be bound to take final decision.

  7. Resignation, Any member may on his own accord. Terminate his membership by sending his resignation in writing to the Secretary General or Principle Secretary. The Chairman Secretariat may accept resignation provided he has cleared all the outstanding dues.

  8. Death of the member, upon the death of any member, the seat shall declare vacant.

  9. The notice for cancellation of membership because of whatsoever should be published in publishing tools, including press and social media which may find the difficult to issue individual notices.

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