Organize an Event

Celebrate the United Nations International Days!

Celebrate the United Nations International Days in your own community!

Make peace and ending war your top priority. We have the tools you need to get started right here!

We’ve already picked the theme, outlines and pattern - you just need to find help, a location and get the word out!

Please, follow the following steps to celebrate the International Days in your own community

1.    Choice one or more than one, the International Day(s) you want to celebrate
2.    Write to Peace Mission, for getting a theme, outlines and necessary facilitation for Day celebration
3.    Find out the helping hands around you and get the word out.

Here, you can see some important United Nations International Days


Organize Events!

EDUCATE. MOTIVATE. ADVOCATE - For Peace and Justice in World

Make your choice to organize the "Walks" and "Seminars" on variety of United Nations addressed topics to educate, motivate and advocate the community people around you.

We have, theme, outlines and pattern for both the "Walk" and "Seminar" for you!

For more information please contact us