Peace Mission works with a wide range of partners in all of its fields of competence. Partnerships are a key enabler for meeting global challenges and generating sustainable change and long-lasting impact.
Peace Mission develops partnerships with non-for-profit organizations (the non-governmental organizations, international non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations, foundations, charities and civil society organizations and networks), media organizations and networks and private sectors (profit organizations, companies and corporate).
Peace Mission welcomes the new opportunities to develop partnerships and collaborations with other profit, non-for-profit organizations to leverage resources, expertise and competencies to support and promote the culture of peace and humanitarian dignity and to achieve common development goals, and to strengthen visibility and impact of its action.
To find out more about the partnerships and collaboration opportunities that Peace Mission offers, please email us for more information at


Current Partners


The University College LBK, Latvia - European Union

The Global Call for Climate Action

The International News Agency - Point Light

Ordre de la Paix International Missionnaires Pro Haïti

The Power Ministries International, Inc.

Syrian Human Rights Council

The Global Citizenship Union - Hong Kong

Federation of International Blue Cross and Blue Crescent

Institute of Peace and Development

Khapal Kore Organization - KKO