Youth for Peace

Youth is more than half of the world’s total population. Youth is supposed to be the leading stakeholder of the planet earth in various aspects. At an individual level young people are playing an important role for peace and development in their communities with new and innovative ideas, practices and effective approaches to addressing culture of peace and humanitarian dignity. Collectively, youth, inspired with strong visions and equipped with relevant skills, can work together through participation and partnership for global peace revivification.

Peace Mission addresses the youth, to maximize their expertise relating peace and humanitarian development. Peace Mission works with number of organizations on Youth for Peace around. For this, Peace Mission with KKO organizes a dialogue on Youth for Peace in Mardan, KPK Pakistan, to strengthen expertise of regional youth, and to motivate them to engage their lives for promotion of culture of peace and humanitarian dignity under the charter of United Nations into the region and around.

Courtesy, KKO Mardan