Hall of Fame Nomination and Election

The Honorees Induction in the Peace Mission Hall of Fame is mutual authority of Hall of Fame Nomination Committee, and a Voting Panel, whereas, the Peace Mission Board of Directors subjected to monitor and supervise the procedure of honorees induction, and the Peace Mission Hall of Fame Management is subjected to maintain the Quality Control and Quality Assurance of honorees induction following the Hall of Fame Charter, created on 1st of June, 2015 by Supreme Council of Peace Mission at Peace Mission Head Quarter Rawalakot.


Nominator (ordinary) may nominate the individual and or institution for induction in Hall of Fame before the Nomination Committee.

The Committee accepts the self-nomination as well.

Nomination Committee

The Nominating Committee consists of no fewer than 6 members responsible to collect nominations till October, each year. Committee reviews and evaluates the nominations for initial screening within the 10 days of its collection. The Committee undergoes in deep study of collected nominations in months of August to October, and prepares the documentation of eligible nominations meeting the criteria of Honorees Induction in Hall of Fame, and recommends them to Voting Panel for consideration for further process.

The Committee is responsible for preparation of ballot for eligible nominations for Voting Panel.

Voting Panel

The Voting Panel for honorees induction into the Hall of Fame composed of not less than 30 renowned scholars, peace builders, and social workers representing the major Institutions of Peace Mission, and other institutions, including the Governmental figures, NGOs, IGOs and civil society activists.

Members of the Voting Panel are invited to participate annually usually in November or December. The responsibility of the Voting Panel is to submit Nomination Committees’ recommended nominations of eligible candidates for further consideration and to cast vote to elect the maximum 10 candidates to the Peace Mission Hall of Fame.