Terms of Use

Authorizing the use of the name, acronym and/or logo of Peace Mission is the prerogative of the Peace Mission Executive Management. In specific cases as set out by the Board of Directors in constitution, the Supreme Council may empower and authorize the third parties to use the name, acronym, and logo of Peace Mission.

Any decision authorizing the third party to use of the name, acronym and logo shall be based on the following criteria:

  1. Third party must hold the appropriate strategic objectives and programs for humanitarian services.
  2. Third party must be in compliance with the values, principles and constitutional aims of Peace Mission.

The use of the name, acronym and or logo of Peace Mission must be expressly authorized in advance and in writing, and must comply with the specified conditions and procedures, in particular with respect to its visual presentation, duration and scope.

Fraudulent behavior and phishing:

It has been reported that some individuals claims to act on behalf of Peace Mission, please to avoid such fraudulent, note that, the members who can act on behalf of Peace Mission are executive in nature, and are clearly stated in official Peace Mission website, peacemissionorg.com.

Please note that Peace Mission does not usually authorize its executive members too for collection of funds from third parties by fund raising campaigns or similar. However, in specific cases, the specific members are authorized in written officially.

If you have any questions concerning persons or organizations claiming to act on behalf of Peace Mission, please contact: