Peace Mission relief operation for Thari people, Date: 2014-03-13

According to the reports on Tharparkar Famine received on Thursday, 13 of March, 2014 to the Communication Department of Peace Mission by the Media, Public and Private resources, a severe famine hits the people of Tharparkar, and about the 175,000 families are reported to have been affected badly with death of 32 mulnourished children and Sindh government has declared Tharparkar a calamity-hit district.

Tharparkar is spread over 22,000 square kilometres with a population of about 1.5 million residing in 2,300 villages and urban settlements there in Sindh - Pakistan. Divided into six talukas — Mithi, Islamkot, Chachro, Dihly, Diplo and Nagarparkar — the area often receives varying levels of rainfall or none at all, and only nine of 166 dehs in Tharparkar district are located in the command area of a barrage. The rest are in the desert where people mostly depend on rain for growing food and fodder crops.

The area received no rain, except a little drizzle in the beginning of the current season. Almost all reservoirs have dried up and Thar is facing a famine-like situation. Tharparkar is hit by drought every two or three years, causing severe shortage of food, resulting in malnutrition, diseases and death. Children and pregnant women are affected the most.

Reports indicated that there is no proper healthcare facility in the Mithi Civil Hospital where the 32 children have died because of malnutrition sharp before. A large number of sheep, camels, cows and goats have died in the arid, rain-dependent district. Reports received from Diplo, Chhachhro, Islamkot, Dahli and Nagarparkar suggest that many poor Thari families are moving to barrage areas, along with their livestock.

Reports pointed out that apart from farming, livestock-related income is a major source of Thari livelihood. Of about six million animals comprising cattle, sheep, camels, goats, about half a million sheep are estimated to be victims of sheep pox or other ailments.

In such circumstances, and on request of the Board of Directors, the Hi-ups of Peace Mission ordered to immediately launch a relief operation; “Action against Hunger” for the famine-hit people of Tharparker under the Peace Mission Program of “Bread for Peace”.

The Chairman of Mission expressed concern over the situation and asked the Institutions of Mission to immediately set up a special committee to install, manage and monitor relief operation to ensure that the relief and rehabilitation operations for Thari are being satisfactory. The Chairman appealed the Peace Mission’s members, Non-members, public and private sector to contribute and provide helping hands and donations to Peace Mission’s relief operation “Action against Hunger” for Thari people on immidiate basis to save lives and to sustain lives over there.

Donations can be made to the Peace Mission’s account titled as “Peace Mission Organization Rawalakot” with number “0678 3977 3100 5238” and IBAN as “PK21 MUCB 0678 3977 3100 5238” being operated in MCB Bank Limited, Branch Name and Code as Main Branch Rawalakot (0714), Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan.