Peace Mission Facebook Ambassadors

Be a Volunteer - Be a Facebook Ambassador

Peace Mission uses the Facebook as a tool of interaction with Volunteers, on number of Online Voluntary Slots where volunteers can input their energies, experiences and intellectualism for a work together for world peace.

Online Voluntary Slots are the greater opportunities for volunteers to develop new skills, make new friends, to explore the different cultures and touch the new horizons of peace, love and light.

If you have time to give and the commitment to global peace and development we are keen to welcome you among our voluntary team.


Enhance Peace Mission’ Resources

Volunteers are welcome to provide additional skills and expertise in field of peace and humanitarian development, cultural diplomacy, inter-faith and inter-cultural harmony, sustainable development. Volunteers from various backgrounds and cultures may bring new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Develop Peace Mission’ Capacities

Volunteers are welcome to increase an Institutional Capacity of Peace Mission by training staffs, ambassadors, diplomats and members, teaching new skills or providing guidance and advice.

Extend Peace Mission’ Networks

Volunteers can learn about the Peace Mission with which they collaborate and the people it serves, and in turn can share this information with their friends and colleagues - mobilizing additional support.

Expand Peace Mission’ Liaisons

Volunteers are welcome to introduce Peace Mission to other profit and non-profit organizations and vice versa for creating opportunities of collaboration for peace and humanitarian development.

The Peace Mission entitles the volunteers the “Peace Mission Facebook Ambassadors” who input successfully in one or more than one of Online Voluntary Slots.

Fore further information inbox, www.facebook.com/peacemissionorg